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Tour 3:  Eco-bike tour.

Road: 10 kms, time: 4 hours - Daily

 When the sun hangs on your shoulder and it’s also a good time for you to discover Hoian, but you don’t know that the fishermen starting their new working day for hours before. Let go there to experience their daily life and try to be a real fisherman!



        At 8:00 AM, we will pick you from your hotel to our office in town. Cycle to the ferry, put all bicycles on the boat and start visiting the pretty river “missing” river.


 You can see big fishing nets hanging on the water, colourful fishing boats, ferries crossing rivers, and pretty aquatic palm forest.  Then the boat anchors at water palm forest where the fishermmen do their daily living.


 You can learn how to row the basket boat called “Thúng Chai” and you can row it by yourseves. The guide will tell some legendaries about the fishermen’s life and their daily work, share your experience with the local fishermen.


Say goodbye to the experienced and friendly fishermen and continue boating to the other side of the river, then unload the bicycle and cycle to visit beautiful countryside : green rice fields, local cemetary, shrimp farm… You can also see some water buffaloes working as well.

Continue cycle to Tra Que vegetable village that is famous for vegetables and herbs. At the village, we will take a walk to see how farmers plant  seeds, how to water them, how to fertilize them with seaweed, etc,… It is a lovely walk between different green vegetables beds.

From the village, we will cycle to the An Bang beach  for cold drinks and snack. Take a rest or do swimming on the beach before cycle back to our office and the tour ends.










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Tour 3 : Eco-bike tour

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