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Tour 4:  Home Cooking tour.

Road: 7 kms, time: 4 hours - Daily


For any one travel to Vietnam, Vietnamese food and beverage is a important part which doen’t miss in their journey ! A cooking tour at the local’s house is something further than it.




 We pick you up from your hotel at 9:00 AM and transfer to our office near the old quarter. From here, you can do cycling to the local market to discover this busy and colourful market. You can vist  variety of fresh noodles like Mi Quang, Bun, Cau Lau, Mi La or Pho... Continue visit fresh vegetable and herbs with different smell and taste. Nearby is the fish selling area where you can see red mullet, grey mullet, fly, markeral, tuna from the sea or scad, carp, snake-head fish or eel from the river. Next to is the stall selling pork, beef, chicken, duck... The interesting thing is a mass of one hundre-dollar note or euro curency or different rate of Vietnam curency in this market, but they are the fake curency!!! The curency for the dead body to spend in another world.


Leaving the interesting local market, we cycle throuhough the rice fields, lotus pond to the vegetable and herbs garden where you can see the farmer do their farming on their herbs like cabbage, mint, hot mint, corianda, basil, spinach, onion, garlic, lemongrass, sesame, lettuce, green bean (French bean), sweet potato, luffa, bitter melon, red pumkin and white pumkin…  and how the farmer to take care of them. And you can see water buffaloes as well.


After this village, we cycle through the fishing village, schrimp farm... to the local house for cooking show. You can cook your food and have lunch with all the dishes you have done.


After lunch, we cycle back to our office and the tour ends. 























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Tour 4 : Home Cooking


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