Marble Mountains, My Khe Beach & Cham Museum Tour

Located just 25 kms from Hoi An, Danang city is well-known with amazing Marble Mountains, lovely My Khe beach and a huge collection of Cham artifact in Cham museum. Whant a fantastic time tour!


Depart from your hotel at 9:00 AM and drive to Danang city after 30 minutes. The first one to vist is Marble Mountains which is a group of five mountains sybolizing for five elements making universe like metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Now you can explore Marble mountains with many marvelous caves like Huyen Khong, , Tang Chan... or reach to the top Van Thong and view to the sea and the city.

After Marble Mountain, we drive to cham museum where you can see a big collection of Cham sculpture with many statue of Shiva, Vishnu, Bhrama, Ganesa… or holy objects like Linga, Yoni… and you can listento many tales of Cham people dated back to 2nd – 14th century here.

Continue getting over very nice Han bridge to visit My Khe beach, a hot spot for recreation of American soilders during the wartimeis also one of the top six of te most beautiful beach in the world. You can see some fishermen rowing the fishing boats, some boy playing volleyball on the beach… Get on the car and come back to Hoi An. The tour ends.

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 Tour include : car, liciensed tour guide, blottled water, entrance tickets, hotel’s pick-up and drop-off.

Type of tour : private

Departure time : any time                  

Time spend : 4 hours

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